The platform aims at a comprehensive solution of patent transfer, which includes patent assignment, ptent license, patent funding and patent investment.

As a patent holder, he may offer his patent assignment or license on the platform.

In case a patentee lacks investment for implementing his patent, he may use, if necessary, the patent funding function of the platform to try to draw investment.

As a buyer of patents, he can acquire patent assignment, patent license and patent license coupons on the platform.

As a patent investor, he can invest the patent projects that are published on the platform for drawing investment.

In companies with numerous other patent transfer platform, ours is a true patent trade market with all information, documents and trading elements to support a one-click trading operation.

Ours is not a blocking agency but serves a direct linking bridge between patentees and the potential patent buyers, or between patent fund raisers and potential patent investors.

Ours does not charge to platform users for posting information and documents and trading hence more cost-effective.

Patent Assignment

As a patentee, you may upload your patent trading information and patent documents on the platform. The platform supports a package of plural patent trade, in case a patentee wishes to assign plurality of patents as one deal.

It is recommanded to follow the platform guideline to fill in, as detail as possible, the trading informations and provide as many as possible relevant documents so as to let potential patent assignees to better understand your patent(s).

After you post the information and documents, the staff of the platform will conduct examination of them as earlier as possible, and if passing the examination, they will publish the patent offering after wards.

In addition to providing the patent documents, it is preferred to provide one or more expert's opinions, which may not be absolute necessary but those opinions could convince potential buyers to make their decision. The expert's opinions may include but not limit to those relate to patent validity, the commercial market of a patent, technical risk of a patent or patent evaluation. The platform will check the expert's identity by either internet, e-mail or telephone in accordance with the information you provides, and personally confirm with the expert that he really provides the opinion. The platform shall post a report for the result of expert identity checking and personal confirmation on the same page where on the expert opinion is shown.

The checking expert's identity and confirmation of the opinion is not free. The platform shall charge the service according to the Value-Added Services and Fees Table.

If you chose expert's opinions and post them on the platform, it means that you authorize the staff to check the expert and that you agree to pay the service.

Different from other platforms of the kind, ours supports a trade model that seller and buyer achieve a transaction themselves. Under this model, the platform neither charges for the registration of the trade nor deduct any percentage of transaction fee.

When you offer sale of your patent, please follow to guideline of the platform to select either the potential buyer to directly contact you, or the potential buyer leave his contacting information and you contact him. The design of this selection is consideration of protection of private information. In case you select the potential party directly contact you, please provide true and correct contacting information on your Personal Center page so as not to miss any potential acceptance.

In addition to above-mentioned expert verification service, the platform further provides a serious of value-added services patent sallers to chose, namely, change of the patentee's title with SIPO after an assignment, exchange of the patent and the consideration, drafting and revising patent assignment contract or license agreement, posting information and documents on the platform, translation, provision of expert's opinion, referal of experts, provision of keywords, and provision of commerial banners. All above value-added services are subject to payment. The payment fees are referred to the Value-Added Services & Fees.

Offering Patent License

As a patentee, you may select to sell your patent license right through the platform.

Further, you can select ordinary license, exclusive license or sole and exclusive license. It is recommended that you provide full informations in all the blanks on the licensing - related pages of the platform for potential licensees to chose. Please prepare a license agreement yourself or entrust the platform or other Chinese lawyers to prepare it and post it on relevant page.

The other trading values are same as that of patent assignment.

The value-added services and corresponding service fees are same as that mentioned in patent assignment specification.

Sale of Patent License Security

Patent License Security is a patent license certificate issued by a patentee, which contains one or more patents and corresponds to certain number of a patented product.

Under the platform regulation, the Patent License Security can be resold.

The Patent License Security may be used as a means of atoning for one's patent infringement. In patent infringement litigation, the accused party may buy corresponding Patent License Coupons to legalize its infringement activities and products.

Buying Patent Assignment Right

As a patent buyer, you can search by yourself to find the patent that you desire on the platform

The platform recommeds you start searching for desired patents from those with expert's opinions, because those patents may be more liable and have less risk. When you find a desired patents and fully agree with the patentee's trading conditions and his price, you may click "buy" button to conclude the transaction. In case you wish to further negociate, with the patentee, some assignment condition or the assignment price, you may click the "buying intention" button. The you can get access to the contact method provided by the patentee. You should follow the method to either directly contact the patentee, or leave your message and your contacting information and wait the patentee to contact you, or contact patentee through the platform.

The purchased patent assignment right can be resold on the platform. The second trading requirement and procedures are generally same as that for the first transaction. However, the purchased patent assignment right is not limited to re-sell in the assignment form. It can be resold in the forms of license or license security.

Buying Patent License Right

Besides assignment, a patentee may chose to give license of his patent. Accordingly, the buyer can buy a patent license right. The platform reminds the buyer to read carefully the patent license conditions, the patentee proposed license agreement and consider the license price. If all are acceptable, the buyer may click the "buy" button and make the deal. If the buyer needs to negociate for new conditions or more compective price, the buyer should click the "buying intention" button to contact the patentee.

The purchase patent license right can be resold on the platform according to the platform rules.

The platform provides the service of recordal of patent license agreement with SIPO.

Buying Patent License Coupons

A buyer can search for the desired license security on the platform and purchase a security by clicking the "buy" button.

The buyer can not negociate license conditions or price of a license security.

According to the platform rule, the purchased patent license security can be resold.

Patent Demand Information

If you need certain type of patent, you may put the message and your contacting information on the related functionary page of the platform. In case a patentee possesses the type of patent and wishes to transfer it, he may contact you. Please make sure the contacting information that you leave on the Personal Center page is true, correct and validso that the potential patent transferor can safely reach you.

Patent Funding

If your compay needs funds for implementing a patent project, you may try the funding function of the platform.

The platform provides two types of funding measures.

The first measure is to sell some of company shares in exchange of investment funds.

The second measure is to loan with collateral security.

In terms of collateral security, the second measure may further be divided into 3 categories, 1) loaning with collateral of company priority shares; 2) loaning with company's movable or unmovable property; and 3) loaning with the collateral of relevant patent. You may select either method of raising funds and follow the guideline of the platform to finish the submission of the funding project step by step.

Upon receiving your submission, the platform will contact you in time and cooperate with you to fulfill the following works:

1. Company identity verification(verification of the business license and registration information, possibily verifying on site),

2. Identification of an escrow entity verification,

3. Identity of a guarantor verification,

4. Verification of expert's identity,

5. Checking the relevance and integrity of the submitted information and documents,

6. Signing an agreement for the funding with the platform.

After finishing above mentioned works, your funding project will enter into the period of publication for a time length of 1-3 months that you chonse.

After publication period, it comes into the subscription period. In case the subscribed amount reaches to the funding amount, the funding project succeeds. After that, the cash funds will be transfer to the escrow party, who shall transfer the funds in installation and monitor its proper user in accordance with patent implementing plan.

The financier must honor the appropriation of his promised profits to the investors according to the benefit allocation model provided in the funding project.

The escrow party shall give reports of monitoring and management of the funds, periodically.

Patent Investment

As a patent investor, you may look for your desired project, among those funding projects on the platform.

For the time being, the platform only provides company's equity financing and debt financing with collateral of company's priority equities.

The financier entity must use the funds exclusively for the patent project.

The platform would like to remind you that in consideration of the economic value of a patent project, the patent information and expert's opinions, are important for your decision, and in terms of the risks, the financier company information, the financing project, the benefit allocation plan, guarantee plan and compensation plan provided by the financier, the escrow party's information, the guarantee's information are important. So please study them carefully before making your decision.

Investment has certain risks, be cautious in your decision.