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Patent right assignment一种安全孔明灯 utility modelPERFORMING OPERATIONS; TRANSPORTIndividual5000.00details
Patent right assignment防冲走式安全井盖 utility modelFIXED CONSTRUCTIONSIndividual30000.00details
Patent right assignment脚踏式充气洗车两用器utility modelPERFORMING OPERATIONS; TRANSPORTIndividual10000000.00details
Patent right assignment倒睡式睡眠床utility modelHUMAN NECESSITIESIndividual8000000.00details
Patent right assignment新型过滤装置utility modelCHEMISTRY; METALLURGYIndividual10000.00details
Patent right assignmentBICMOS集成电路中双极器件的制造方法, inventionELECTRICITYTechnology Transfer Company or Patent agency60000.00details
Patent right assignment一种电动车刹车装置utility modelPERFORMING OPERATIONS; TRANSPORTIndividual0.00details
Patent right assignment洗膜器utility modelPERFORMING OPERATIONS; TRANSPORTTechnology Transfer Company or Patent agency30000.00details