Specification of Buying Patents
  1. "Buying Patents" used by the platform means the purchase of patent assignment, patent license or patent license security.

  2. The license security purchased through the platform can be resold on the platform.

    The license right can be resold under the permission of the platform.

  3. Procedures for buying patents: the buyer should register or login with the platform, then clicks on the "buying patents" button to review all the patents available for sale, further clicks on a particular item, to review the particular patent information. If the buyer has purchased intention, he can click on "buying intention" button then he will get access to the patentee's contacting information if the patentee selects a connection method of buyer contacting the patentee. The buyer may directly contact the patentee according to the patentee left contacting information, and negotiate the purchasing matter.

    Another possiblity is when the buyer clicked on the "buying intention" button, the contacting information of the patentee does not pop up. This is because the patentee selects a contacting method of his contacting the buyer. In the circumstance, the buyer may leave his contacting information and/or leave his short messages and waits the patentee contact him.

    If the buyer does not with the patentee to directly contact him, either, he may ask the platform to transfer his messages.