Specification of Patent Investment
  1. The patent investment herein refers to invest in a patent implementation project. The consideration of the investment may be the companys equity priority shares, patent shares or lender's rights, and under the permission of the financier, the investor's rights can be resold through the platform.

  2. For the purpose of follow-up transaction, both the buyer or seller shall open a moneytary account with the platform.

  3. The procedures of patent investment:

    The financier logs in the platform and inputs all necessary financing information and uploads relevant documents;

    The investor needs to register with and log in the platform;

    Thereafter the investor should click "Investment" button, and he can see all the available financing projects. Further click on a particular project, he can get into the project. In case the investor sets interest with a project, agrees with all the conditions and decide to buy certain shares of total funding amount, he should top up adequate money in his account of the platform before the project subscription period.

    Afterwards, but in the subscription period, the investor can click on the "buy" button and indicate how many shares the investor wishes to buy.

    If the funding amount is met before the end of the subscription period, the financing succeeds. Then the platform shall keep the investor's account with the total amount of investment, the shares of investment, and the unit price of each share. If the prescribed funding amount is not reached at the end of subscription period, the financing fails. The platform shall release the up-holding funds back to the investor account on the first working date after the financing failure. Investor can select to withdraw the money from his account or leave it for any other investment.

  4. The procedures of follow-up transactions:

    Investors can resell their investment products(Company's equities, priority shares, patent shares or lender's rights) under the previous permission of the financiers, through the platform. Investor should place order first by inputting the number of shares that he wishes to sell and unit price.

    The buyers of the follow-up transaction should register with and log in the platform. Then they should click on the "secondary transaction" button, and can see all the products available for secondary trade.

    If a buyer wishes to buy a particular product, he needs to top up enough funds into his account of the platform before he operates the deal. The investor should click on the "buy" button and fill in the number of shares he wishes to buy.

    The platform shall match the order and acceptance. If they match, the transaction succeeds. Then the platform staff shall move the product form the seller's account to the buyer's account and deduct the buying fee from the buyer's account and add it to the seller's account.

  5. In the follow-up transactions, seller may withdraw his order, but it can not be withdrawn where at the time of withdrawal, his order has already been accepted by a buyer.

  6. After a transaction, in case it is necessary to change the ownership of company's shares with AIC, the platform provides the service.

  7. The platform further provides services of inputting information, uploading documents, preparing documents, expert's referral, etc. in the follow-up transaction.